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Prefabricated building sealant MS910

Summary information
Prefabricated Building Sealant MS910MS910PC Building Modified Silane Sealant is a one-component non-sagging sealing material made from the leading silane prepolymer of the world's leading technology. During the construction, the glue is used to sizing the joint to form a sealable coating layer with good displacement.
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Product description

Prefabricated building sealant MS910

The MS910 PC building modified silane sealant is a one-component non-sagging sealing material made from the modified silane prepolymer of the world's leading technology.
During the construction, the glue is used to sizing the joint to form a sealable coating layer with good displacement.
The prefabricated exterior wall of the PC building is assembled in blocks, and there are a large number of assembled seams. These seams are easy to become a channel for rainwater penetration. Therefore, PC exterior wall sealant is the first line of defense for exterior wall joint waterproofing and is one of the keys to PC building quality control.
Shanghai Dongda PC Building Special Modified Silane Sealant MS910 fully meets the requirements of building exterior wall sealing and waterproofing. It has the advantage that other bee products are difficult to match in terms of coating and anti-pollution. It is the professional choice of domestic and foreign builders.


Provide long-term sealing protection for PC exterior walls

The modified silane sealant has good compatibility with concrete and is excellent in water resistance, weather resistance, low temperature flexibility and the like. Since its application in 1978, this type of sealant has been widely recognized by the construction industry after nearly 40 years of architectural sealing applications. It ranks first in the PC construction sealant market in Europe, America and Japan, and can provide 30 for building exterior walls. Sealed waterproof protection for more than one year.



Displacement characteristics of flexible body PC exterior wall

The joints of the exterior wall of the PC building will produce deformation displacement under the influence of external expansion and contraction of the components such as thermal expansion and contraction, wind load and earthquake. Deformation of the joint displacement may cause cracking and peeling of the sealant. Therefore, the sealant must have sufficient stress relaxation ability to follow the expansion, shrinkage and shear deformation of the joint.
Shanghai Dongda MS910 is a 20-level low-modulus product with good flexibility. It can guarantee the integrity under displacement and maintain good water seal and air seal for the general PC building 10-35mm concrete joint.

Perfect fit for exterior wall painting

Shanghai Dongda MS910 Sealant is silicone-free and can be closely adhered to various exterior paints. It is smooth and smooth, ensuring that PC buildings have the same colorful appearance as ordinary buildings.



Thoroughly remove wall contamination

If the silicone joint seal is used for the bare joint or curtain wall joint of the PC outer wall, the silicone oil in the glue will precipitate and penetrate into the outer wall or the surface of the curtain wall, and spread on the wall under the action of water and surface tension. After the adhesion of pollutants in the air and the scouring of rainwater, obvious black strips of stains are formed, which seriously affects the aesthetics of the building.
Shanghai Dongda MS910 Sealant does not contain silicone oil, there is no risk of oil spread, which can keep the building clean and beautiful. If you add toners of various colors, you can create colorful lines for the building.





Scope of application

It is mainly used for indirect seams of concrete prefabricated panels in PC buildings, seams between PC panels and window frames.

Performance characteristics







Technical indicators

Execute the standard requirements of JC/T881-2001 "Sealing Seals for Concrete Building Joints".



Construction process




Construction Notes

1. Must be used with a special primer to ensure that the primer is evenly applied to the substrate.
2. The construction temperature is preferably 5-35 degrees, and the substrate temperature does not exceed 50 °C.
3. Pay attention to the embedding depth and cross-sectional shape of the gasket material.
4. Please strictly follow the operation process to avoid the failure of bonding.
5. The sealant should be guaranteed to be in the warranty period before use.
6. The sealant before curing should avoid contact with eyes and skin. For contact with the skin, first scrub with soapy water or alcohol, then rinse with water; if contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water, and seek medical attention if necessary.
7. An environment with insufficient ventilation or low humidity will slow down the curing speed.
8. Do not discard the uncured sealant and primer into the sewer, water or soil.
9. The glue joint should be full and free of air bubbles, and it should not be replenished. The depth and shape meet the design requirements.
Storage and transportation considerations
1. During transportation, it should be protected from moisture, rain, sun, high temperature, and away from heat.
2. The product should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool place to prevent direct sunlight.
3, isolate the fire source, away from the heat source, the storage temperature should be 5-30 ° C
4. The shelf life is 12 months under sealed conditions.
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