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Environmental protection industry, mergers and acquisitions boom, listed companies have obvious advantages
More than 100 leaders and guests of the Sports Industry Congress were invited to visit "One Norway"
The 2008 Shandong Sports Industry Development Conference was held in Zibo from April 26 to 27, 2018. On the afternoon of April 26, more than 100 leaders and guests from sports bureaus in Shandong Province and other cities came to visit and guide the company.
Celebrate the 69th birthday of the motherland and celebrate the 15th anniversary of Norway
In the harvest season, we are celebrating the 69th anniversary of the founding of our motherland and the 15th birthday of Norway. On the morning of September 30, Shanghai Dongda held a flag-raising ceremony under the organization of the Third Party Branch, with the theme of "celebrating the 69th birthday of the motherland and celebrating the 15th anniversary of Norway", and jointly studied "Rewards and Punishments System for Hidden Danger Investigation and Management". After the flag raising, the safety hazard investigation team composed of market, engineering, production, Anhuan and other departments carried out a comprehensive inspection of the entire factory area.
Publicity of Completion Information of Production Investment Construction Project (Phase II) of Shanghai Dongda Chemical Co., Lt
Shanghai Dongda "50,000 tons of polyurethane and 50,000 tons of special polyether monomer production investment construction project (phase II)" is a new project. The project was approved in February 2012 by the environmental impact report of the project (Shanghai Environmental Protection Assessment [2012] 90). The construction address is located at 688 Haijin Road, Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone.
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