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Unveiling Shanghai Dongda-the mysterious guardian of product quality
Over the past 13 years (2005-2018), Shanghai Dongda has always shouldered a responsibility to protect a commitment to create value for customers, adhere to the bottom line of quality and safety, attach importance to product quality management, escort product quality, take "quality as life, create first-class brand" as the purpose, specializing in customer's high-quality, personalized needs. Over the years, a cohesive, responsible and skilled quality Guardian team is gradually maturing, and will achieve better results in the new year. Let us now unveil their veil and understand the mysterious quality Guardian behind Shanghai Dongda.
Ministry of Environmental Protection: China's Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan is being drawn up
Zhai Qing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said today that the Ministry of Environmental Protection, together with relevant departments, is working out the Action Plan for Water Pollution Prevention and Control. The core of this document is to improve the quality of water environment, focusing on two ends. One is resolutely harnessing the heavily polluted areas, the other is rivers and lakes with better water quality. They should be resolutely protected and not be polluted before harnessing.
The environmental protection industry has set off a wave of mergers and acquisitions. The advantages of listed companies are obv
Recently, mergers and acquisitions in the environmental protection industry have occurred frequently. On the one hand, the door of the IPO cycle has been closed for a long time and there are many queues. On the other hand, under the background of the introduction of environmental tax, the price change of public utilities and the stricter assessment of ecological performance, China's environmental protection industry has been in a rapid growth period. Analysts believe that environmental listed companies will take the lead in this round of environmental protection development because of their advantages in financing channels.
Sewage Rebirth Road: Six Water Experts Plan to Build Sewage Conceptual Plant
Supermarkets in Singapore sell bottled water called NEWater. It can always be seen in all kinds of conference activities organized by the government. Even the local "New Water Exhibition Hall" has become a "scenic spot" for global tourists.
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