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Publicity of Completion Information of Production Investment Construction Project (Phase II) of Shanghai Dongda Chemical Co., Lt


  Shanghai Dongda "50,000 tons of polyurethane and 50,000 tons of special polyether monomer production investment construction project (phase II)" is a new project. The project was approved in February 2012 by the environmental impact report of the project (Shanghai Environmental Protection Assessment [2012] 90). The construction address is located at 688 Haijin Road, Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone.

  During the actual construction of the project, the factory buildings, tank farms and other structures are gradually constructed, along with the acceptance of the main production line; the main production line is divided into three phases and applied for acceptance in phases. Among them, the first production line passed the environmental protection acceptance check and acceptance in August 2013 (Shanghai Environmental Protection Appraisal [2013] 445); the second production line was completed in November 2015, and now the completion information is publicized.

2、Summary of Construction Projects

  Project Name: Shanghai Dongda "Investment and Construction Projects for Production of 50,000 Tons of Polyurethane and 50,000 Tons of Special Polyether Monomers (Phase II)"

  Construction Unit: Shanghai Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Location of construction: within the plot of Shanghai Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Project Information: Manufacturing of C2669 Other Specialized Chemicals

  Project content: 10,000 tons of polyurethane waterproof material and 10,000 tons of polyurethane adhesive

3、Summary of Construction Units

  Construction Unit: Shanghai Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Address: 688 Haijin Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai

  Contact person: Xu Yonglan

  Contact number:021-60570678



4、Major matters for public opinion

  Public opinions and suggestions on environmental protection of this project.

5、Main Ways of Public Opinion

  The public can send e-mails, faxes and letters to the construction units to express their opinions on the construction of the project (only accept issues related to environmental protection). For contact information, please see Article 3. If the public expresses their opinions, please leave your real name and basic information (unit or address, education level, occupation, contact method, etc.) for feedback according to need and return visit if necessary.

6、Validity Period of Information Release

  Confidence information is valid within 10 working days from the date of issuance.