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Epitope and special polyether

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Silane-modified polyether (STP resin) series

Summary information
Brief introduction of STP resin BriefetroductionofSTPresin terminal silyl polyether prepolymer, ie PPG polyether as the main chain, siloxane-based polymer, ie silane-terminated polyether polymer, referred to as STP resin, also known as MS Resin.
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Product description

一、rief introduction of STP resin


End Silicon alkyl polyether prepolymer, namely PPG Polyether mainly chain, silicon oxygen alkyl end polymer, namely Silane modified Polyether, referred to as STP resin, also known as MS Resin. The characteristic structure of silane modified Polyether is the main chain is macromolecular Polyether, the end-base is the siloxane containing the hydrolyzed group, which has the structural advantages of both polyurethane sealant and silicone sealant, and the curing mechanism is that the end-base siloxane reacts with the moisture in the air to produce the end-base silicone alcohol under the action of the catalyst. The cross-linking reaction between silicone alcohol and silicone alcohol forms a flexible network structure, which realizes the solidification process from liquid to solid.




二、Shanghai Dongda STP resin Product Grades and Features


The company adopts different molecular weight polyether and different active siloxane and other auxiliaries, independently innovates the synthetic route and supporting equipment, masters the core raw materials, and prepares resin products with different viscosity and activity suitable for different binder scenarios. The specific brands are as follows


STP resin Product Grades and Features








三、Shanghai Dongda Products Advantages


Based on self-produced polyether, we have more products and better stability.


Low-viscosity, light-color and translucent ensuring better appearance and more operability of the products;


Supporting polyether plasticizers to achieve more choices and better adaptability;


Matching amine ether catalyst for greater flexibility.


Customizable to provide more personalized service.


四、Advantages of STP resin


Low surface energy, good adhesion to various substrates, surface paintability.


Low viscosity for easy operation and construction;


Solvent-free, isocyanate-free, odorless, low VOC and non-bubbling;


Good compatibility with different resins and coatings;


Excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity;


Good solvent resistance and excellent weather resistance.


五、Main applications of STP resins


1.STP resins used as elastic sealant for:


Adhesion sealing of window and rubber sealing strip


Seam sealing of welds in automobiles, rail transportation, containers and ships, etc.


Sealing of electric appliance, apparatus, air conditioners, machinery, furniture and other industries.


Sealing of workshop, shutters and ceiling.


2. STP resins used as adhesive for:


Bonding of electronics, plastics , air conditioners and ventilation ducts.


Bonding of metal structures in bodywork, train carriages, containers and mechanical equipment.


Bonding of vehicles,RV side panels and roof leather.


3.STP resins used as construction glue for


Indoor sealing material (windows, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)


Caulking seals on highways, bridges, airstrips, etc.


Other sealing materials (metal roof, plastic floor, etc.)

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