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Epitope and special polyether

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Polyethylene glycol PEG

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PEG series products have water solubility and low toxicity depending on the molecular weight and traits from colorless transparent liquid to white solid. The hydroxyl value at both ends of the PEG molecular structure has low alcohol characteristics and can be esterified and etherified. PEG with a relatively low molecular weight can be used as a solvent, a cosolvent, an O/W type emulsifier and stability; it is also used as a water-soluble ointment base and a suppository base; it can also be used as a cement suspending agent, an emulsifier, an injection, and the like. PEG with a relatively high molecular weight is commonly used to increase the viscosity and solidity of liquids, as well as externally replenishing other drugs; as a carrier for solid dispersants, to achieve solid dispersion; as a lubricant and coolant in rubber and metal processing industries. Used as an antistatic agent, lubricant, etc. in the textile industry.





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